Local Artist Dedicated to Helping More Kids Get Wild! this Summer

Photo: Sabrina Curtis

Wildsight’s vision for our community and landscape and the essence of local artist, Sabrina Curtis’ painting “Confluence” really resonate. For that reason, and in appreciation of the work Sabrina has witnessed Wildsight accomplish over the 20 years she has lived in Golden, she is giving back to our work through her art. 

Sabrina is donating all net proceeds from 10×16” framed prints of “Confluence” towards subsidies that will help offset the cost of sending children to our day camp Get Wild! this summer. These prints will be available to order for $50 at our upcoming Wednesday afternoon Farmer’s Market days , or by getting in touch with us or with Sabrina via email.

“Through this painting, I really wanted to focus in on the key natural attributes which frame and give shape to our community. Rivers, mountains and memories – we truly live at the confluence of so many wonderful things that we must not take for granted. The brilliant colors represent Golden’s vibrancy, and the fireweed stands tall as a testament to our resilience, now and into the future.”

Sabrina is a relatively new artist and very quickly combined her passions for painting and community development. “Just prior to COVID, I unexpectedly and somewhat skeptically put paintbrush to canvas for the first time in my life…and I never really stopped. I am now convinced of the power of art – it has been helping me through overlapping cognitive and physical recoveries, and I feel very privileged to use it as a vehicle for supporting community change.”

Again to purchase one of these beautiful prints, please order via Wildsight Golden