Wild Wednesdays - Garter Snake Shenanigans - Workshop Recording

Well that sure was ssssssssuper.

The first in our ‘Wild Wednesdays’  Local Lore workshop series, ‘Garter Snake Shenanigans’ hosted by snake champion and Senior Biologist Mike Sarell was absolutely scintillating! 

Enjoy this recording yourself, with your kids, or students, to learn about our local snake species in the Columbia Basin and what we can do to protect them.

At the end of the recording we played a short 4 minute video from the BBC featuring David Atttenborough and Garter Snakes but the sound cut out. It’s pretty cool so here’s the link to watch it in all its glory ūüôā

Watch this space for snake news, because as a result of this workshop we are looking to do some real hands-on work in protecting our snakes in Revelstoke.

As Mike put it ‘Let’s keep the Common Garter Snake COMMON!’

A huge thank-you to our sponsors the Jane Goodall Institute – Roots and Shoots Program, to Revy Outdoors for their gift basket participation prize and to our supporter Stoked On Science for the gift card to the Outdoor Learning Store.