Ride into the future of e-bikes

E-bikes are growing in popularity as a sustainable alternative to gas-powered vehicles, allowing you an eco-friendly way to travel while lowering your carbon footprint.

E-bikes (electric bicycles) use an electric motor to assist pedaling. While designed like a regular bicycle, e-bikes give you a boost when needed to get up hills or haul groceries home. For some, switching to an e-bike has meant being able to take a car off the road, significantly reducing carbon emissions. For others, it means the ability to go farther than they could have on a standard bicycle, allowing more people to get outdoors, something appealing to many in this time of pandemic restrictions. In December 2020, Forbes magazine predicted e-bike sales to grow worldwide from 3.7 million bikes sold in 2019 to 17 million by 2030.

If you dream of joining the e-bike revolution, now is your chance! You can win an e-bike thanks to raffles on now in Creston, Invermere and Kimberley/Cranbrook

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