Watch now: Old growth logging in Golden's Blaeberry Wilderness

Wildsight Golden is supporting the release of a new short film that celebrates the beauty and biodiversity of the headwaters of the Blaeberry River, while offering a reminder of what we stand to lose under current forestry practices in BC. This five-minute film offers a breath-taking glimpse into this relatively intact wilderness on the edge of Banff National Park, with its old-growth forests and associated at-risk species. Much of the area was largely untouched by industry until recent encroachment by logging operations started to leave its mark. While recognizing that forestry operators are following government guidelines and regulations, Wildsight Golden wants the provincial government to make a move towards more sustainable forestry practices across BC, including the protection of old growth forests in places like the Blaeberry headwaters.

This film connects the audience to many parts of this stunning ecosystem in Golden’s backyard. It offers the viewer everything from mountain panoramas to close-up images of plants on the forest floor to meditative shots of the river running its course. It also shows the beginning of logging in the area (filmed during the summer/fall of 2019), and it prompts the viewer to consider the impacts should current forestry practices continue in old-growth forests across the region.

Our current forestry rules and regulations under BC’s Forest and Range Practices Act are not working to protect the sustainability of structural and ecologically complex forests. Wildsight Golden hopes that this film will motivate people to speak up for better forest management practices across BC so that old growth areas, like those at the headwaters of the Blaeberry River, will be preserved for future generations.  Old growth forests are a non-renewable resource –  once lost, they are not coming back. We need to find a way to keep our forestry workers employed without compromising what’s left of our old growth ecosystems and critical habitat for species at risk. Take action here.