Grizzlies and wolverines: Species at risk

Under Canada’s Species at Risk Act, a committee of scientific experts assesses species that are under threat and recommends SARA listings to the federal government. In their latest recommendations, they argue that the western populations of grizzly bears and wolverines should be listed as species of Special Concern. We strongly support these listings and urge the federal government to give grizzlies and wolverines the protections they deserve.

Travelling incredible distances every year and using varied habitats from valley floor to mountaintop, both wolverines and grizzly bears need space to roam, undisturbed by humans. Crucially, they need habitat connectivity across the landscape, so that young animals can move between populations to maintain genetic diversity. Because connectivity through valley bottoms for wolverines and grizzlies is often so badly fragmented by human activity, many of the smaller sub-populations are isolated in our mountains. Many are in dire need of in-depth assessment and better protections.

You can send your comments in support of listings for grizzlies and wolverines (or all eleven species, listed here) by email to Environment and Climate Change Canada.

Photo by Larry Tooze