The Zombie that Refuses to Die

With Halloween behind us and all the ghosts and ghouls safely back at home, we’re reminded of one particular zombie that refuses to die: Jumbo Glacier Resort!

Now is the time for our communities to come together and leverage all the work that’s been done over the last 25 years: the countless hours you’ve given of your time, the hundreds of film screenings you’ve held in your communities, the conversations at your family dinner tables, the message you’ve been sticking on your water bottles and your trucks (I LOVE JUMBO WILD!). It’s been a long time coming, but together we can bring about the change we’ve been waiting for—a halt to all permanent development in the Jumbo Valley.

It’s time to focus our energy and resources for the final leg—together we will not be defeated. Together we will put this zombie to rest!

Your generous contribution will help protect the Jumbo Valley, now and forever. Give now. Give generously. Thank you for everything you’ve done so far!

For Jumbo Wild,


Robyn Duncan

Jumbo Wild Campaign Lead

p.s. Don’t have a Jumbo Wild sticker yet? Donate here and we’ll send you some!