Job Posting: Lac La Biche Stewardship Coordinator

Purpose and General Description

The Stewards of the Lac La Biche Watershed are an emerging community-based water stewardship group working in the Athabasca region of Alberta. Stewards of the Lac La Biche Watershed have a vision of an ecologically healthy watershed with balanced management approaches that support recreation and traditional uses, high fish and wildlife values, and economic prosperity in the region. The organization is currently directed by an Interim Steering Committee composed of committed community volunteers and government agency representatives.

Stewards of the Lac La Biche Watershed will work closely with Lac La Biche County and the Environmental Stewardship Advisory Committee to develop a stewardship and outreach program for the area. They will encourage the implementation of policies & guidelines identified  in the Lac La Biche Watershed Management Plan (2009). Stewards of the Lac La Biche Watershed will also work closely with the Alberta Lake Management Society and Living Lakes Canada to share best practices and lessons learned. Thus, the Coordinator position will provide an exciting opportunity to help create a new model for sustaining water stewardship work through grassroots initiatives aimed at watershed planning, monitoring and community engagement.

The Program Coordinator is responsible for implementing and overseeing all aspects of the program, including water quality and quantity monitoring, outreach and education, restoration and maintance, and program administration.  The Coordinator supervises summer staff, but otherwise is the sole employee of this organization. 

Duties and Responsibilities


  • Support lake and beach water quality monitoring
  • Support water quantity monitoring
  • Implement or recommend additional scientific research on a project basis
  • Maintain accurate water science database
  • Analyze data
  • Complete annual reports
  • Disseminate scientific information to decision-makers and the public


  • Facilitate community conversations about the watershed, its functions and sensitivities
  • Organize watershed planning workshops for diverse stakeholder groups
  • Work with stakeholders to seek watershed governance solutions for the Lac La Biche watershed
  • Work with local governments to implement the non-regulatory recommendations in the Watershed Management Plan


  • Conduct education programs with school-aged youth
  • Write a monthly column and education articles in the local newspaper
  • Recruit and train volunteers for citizen science projects
  • Communicate with the public through e-newsletters, website, and social media
  • Educate homeowners and visitors about good shoreline practices, green boating practices, and how to prevent the spread of invasive species.
  • Recruit membership from among Lac La Biche’s stakeholders


  • Administer the program’s grants, including grant writing and reporting
  • Manage the program’s budget
  • Organize monthly meetings of the Steering Committee
  • Engage with the Steering Committee to implement the work plan and develop its strategic direction
  • Represent the organization to the media, local government, community groups, regional stewardship groups and planning committees
  • Attend trainings and conferences in order to increase capacity of the organization
  • Move the Friends of Lac La Biche toward becoming an independent society
  • Supervise summer interns

Minium Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, Environmental Education, Watershed Management, Natural Resource Management or related field
  • Field experience in the natural resource sciences
  • Willingness and ability to conduct field work on land and water
  • At least two years work experience in a leadership position
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills
  • Strong writing skills 
  • Ability to communicate positively and effectively with people of diverse backgrounds and interests
  • Highly self-motivated and able to work without supervision
  • Highly organized and competent at managing a budget

Additional Desired Qualifications

  • Experience working for an NGO
  • Experience in non-profit management and administration
  • Training in group facilitation
  • Familiarity with watershed governance models throughout Canada
  • Experience and or training in water quality monitoring
  • Budget management experience

      LOCATION: Lac La Biche, AB

      HOURS: Maximum 40 hours / week, depending on funding. Some evenings and weekends.

      SALARY: This is a contract position which recievs a maximum of $3,500/month, no benefits. The contract will be managed by Living Lakes Canada until the Stewards of the Lac La Biche Watershed become an independent Society.

      ELIGIBILITY: Must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

      TO APPLY:

      Address your cover letter to “Interim Steering Committee: Stewards of the Lac La Biche Watershed”

      To apply please send a cover letter and your resume electronically (.doc or pdf only) to,
      Or drop off in person at Lac La Biche County offices.