Creston Valley Bird Fest Sponsorship – A Significant Opportunity

The Creston Valley Bird Fest, held on May 10th and 11th, 2013, will be a major event for naturalists and nature lovers from Western Canada, the Pacific NW and further afield. Birding is one of the fastest growing recreational activities in the world.

The Creston Valley Bird Fest celebrates the remarkable avian diversity of this unique habitat. The Creston Valley provides one of the most important water bird habitats in Canada with single day concentrations known to exceed 40,000. Over 300 species live or visit the valley including many rare and spectacular birds.

Events at the Creston Valley Bird Fest include guided bird-watching tours at important sites in the valley led by well-known experts; exploration of local medicinal plants; a reception and wildlife art and photography sale; afternoon trips to community greenhouses, local businesses and orchards. There will also be wildlife photography workshops. World-renowned naturalist Brian Keating will be addressing the participants to close the festival.

Publicity and promotion will link to a nationwide network of bird associations and nature oriented organizations reaching a significant population. Promotion will also reach into the numerous birding sites in the USA.

The Creston Valley Bird Fest committee invites you to become a proud sponsor of this event. There are three levels of support:

Osprey $1500 +

Logo on Festival Website (linked)
Logo on Festival Art Poster
Logo on Festival Event Program (top line, bold, large print) Two tickets to the festival, all events

Great Blue Heron $500 +

Logo on Festival Website
Logo on Festival Event Program (second line, medium print) Two tickets to Brian Keating’s presentation

Wood Duck $50 +

Name on Festival Website

To become a festival sponsor, see the attached PDF