Kimberley one of first stops on world tour of ALL.I.CAN. by Sherpas Cinema

Bonus Treat! Catch a short of Kalum Ko’s new work before viewing All.I.Can. From Kalum, our very own super talented 16 year old local Kimberley filmaker, on the short he’ll be showing- "It’s basically a montage of all my favorite clips of skiing this winter.In my life time, Kimberley has lost the progressive freestyle facility it once had. With the removal of jumps, and the ski hill no longer holding events such as the ‘big air’ night, we’ve had too find new ways too progress our riding abilties and showcase the talent in our area. Out of bounds jumps and urban, is where the majority of the riding we now do consist, all of which is being shared through my camera and the Internet. This Friday, you can catch a small glipse of what our whole crew got up too this winter. Everything from cliffs and flip to gapping over fences. Just in!" Kalum- we can’t wait. And here’s the lowdown on our feature film – All.I.Can. ALL.I.CAN, an environmental awareness snow sports film by Sherpas Cinema will show in Kimberley on Friday October 14th at 7:30pm on the big screen at McKim Theatre. The film premiered in Whistler in September and the Kimberley showing is one of the early stops in the 64 stop worldwide tour. Two years in the making and spanning five countries, All.I.Can., unites spectacular cinematography with creative cinematic language to fuse passion for skiing with motivation for green initiatives and forward thinking. “The film features ground-breaking skiing from Chile to Greenland, naturally mind-blowing scenery, and an environmental engagement, leaving the audience with an inspiring new perspective and appreciation for what we have and what we stand to lose” said Sherpa Cinema. ALL.I.CAN is broken into three areas of focus. The ‘ALL’ that has impacted our world, the “I” what individuals in mountain cultures have recognized to be issues and what changes we ‘CAN’ strive to implement globally and make in our everyday lives. Featured athlete, JP Auclair drives home the sobering thought and environmental motivation that the film creates. “We feel like we need to be doing less of this and less of that. But I don’t think it’s about doing less, it’s about doing more” mused Auclair. Tickets for the film are $12 in advance, available at Black Bear Books and Video in Kimberley and Lotus Books in Cranbrook, and $15 at the door. Doors open at 6:30pm with beer and wine on sale. Proceeds will go towards Wildsight’s local environmental education projects and further information is available at or 250 427-2535.