Youth Climate Corps Golden

We are hiring NOW for our first-ever Golden Youth Climate Corps (YCC) crew, with the season starting in the late summer of 2023! 

This season the Golden YCC crew will be working on projects that will focus on mitigating and reducing the effects of climate change while bringing resilience to our local community and ecosystems.  Our crews will be mentored by industry experts and work collaboratively with community-based and environmental organizations already taking action in various fields.  These include wildfire risk reduction to the facilitation of environmental education, permaculture understanding to wetland surveying. This experience will provide valuable insights into the different disciplines and their distinct contributions to the crucial work of climate action.

All about the Golden YCC positions:

Climate Action Technician:

Text: Climate Action Technician - take a hands-on approach to climate action work!

Are you interested in taking an active role in the climate action work in your communities? Are you driven to develop a greater understanding of what it takes to advance climate-resilient communities?

Crew Leader:

Are you eager to mentor and support a diverse crew of enthusiastic young adults in various environmental projects? Are you enthused to serve as an ambassador between YCC projects and community members?  



  • Gain awareness and knowledge about the surrounding ecosystems
  • A refined ability to think critically and overcome challenging tasks and situations
  • Development of unique individual perspectives and opinions
  • An understanding of climate action work and how to articulate it with your communities
  • Learning to navigate dynamic and challenging environments will help to develop adaptability and resilience


You have a unique position to affect meaningful change at a local level. Employment with the Youth Climate Corps provides you with the tools to practice and expand your skills while gaining a deeper understanding of the region you live in, and the people within it.

We invite you to reach out to Golden YCC coordinator Kiana Froese with any questions.

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