Youth Climate Corps Kimberley-Cranbrook

Are you keen to take a hands-on approach to climate action work? Eager to learn more about how your communities are working to become more resilient places to live?
You have a unique position to affect meaningful change at a local level. Employment with the Youth Climate Corps provides you with the tools to practise and expand your skills while gaining a deeper understanding of the region you live in, and the people within it.



Text: Climate Action Technician - take a hands-on approach to climate action work!
This season the Kimberley-Cranbrook YCC crew will be working with several partners from environmental and community-based organizations to address climate change locally. Crew members will be conducting work in a range of fields from food security to ecosystem restoration to wildfire risk reduction. This year’s team will experience an array of disciplines and learn how each is contributing to climate action work in its own unique way!


Kimberley-Cranbrook 2023 Season Skills Focus
  • Greater understanding of local ecological communities
  • The ability to understand the workings of, and communicate about climate action work
  • An understanding of local community resources
  • A refined ability to think critically and overcome challenging tasks and situations
  • Development of unique individual perspectives and opinions

These represent core skills sets we expect our team to walk away from the program with. However, through the participation and implementation of our project work, those involved will most certainly walk away with more.

Past project highlights


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Join The Team

Want to protect wildlife, clean water and wild spaces? Volunteer with us! Wildsight volunteers are a very special group of people who give generously of their time to stuff envelopes, attend rallies, help run events, put up posters, keep tabs on forestry practices in their communities and participate in citizen science initiatives.