Spark Electric Vehicle Share

The time has arrived!


With a growing network of electric vehicle charge stations and the increased battery capacity of new vehicles, driving an electric vehicle is now a real option in the Columbia Valley and beyond. Despite advances in technology and ease of access to charge stations, apprehension about vehicle range has limited the wide-spread adoption of electric vehicles.

To build awareness around the viability of electric vehicles and to provide an accessible low-carbon transportation option for Columbia Valley residents, Wildsight Invermere has created Spark: Columbia Valley Electric Vehicle Share program.

Spark aims to be the first fully 100% electric vehicle share program in rural Canada and serve as an integral step towards transitioning Columbia Valley communities to low-carbon transportation use.

Residents enrolled in the Spark program will have access to an electric vehicle for short or long periods of time. As the program evolves, membership and usage fees will sustain the program in its entirety. Transportation emissions will be reduced by replacing trips otherwise made in fossil fuel burning vehicles.


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Spark is made possible with funding from the Columbia Basin Trust Climate Action Program, RDEK, Imagine Invermere, and our generous Spark Sponsors.

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