Kimberley Farmers' Market Vendor Application

The Kimberley Farmers’ Market welcomes applications from vendors of locally grown, made, baked, or raised products. Please review all information for Vendors prior to completing your application. You will receive instructions for payment once your application is approved.

Kimberley Farmers' Market Vendor Application

    I certify that all products offered for sale at my site at the Kimberley Farmers' Market will be made, baked, grown or raised by myself or under my direction. I have read the vendor Rules of Operation and agree to comply with them (including any ammendments made by the market during the season provided notice of those changes provided to me via contact information given.) I also agree to follow all applicable requirements of the Interior Health Authority. All information submitted on this form is accurate and if found to be otherwise by the Market Manager or Market Advisory Committee, I recognize that disciplinary measures may be taken including expulsion from the market.
    *Must fill out FOOD VENDOR/CONCESSION Section to follow. **Must submit current BC Liquor Control Board License. ***Submission of Government of Canada Cosmetic Notification Form recommended. All attachments can be submitted by email to
    Must send at least three photos of products, electronically or print copy for consideration by vendor selection committee/ used for marketing purposes. Please send to
  • Wildsight highly recommends that you obtain insurance through the BCAFM or a private insurer, as we do not provide insurance to protect you from possible liability claims. BCAFM link:
  • For example, if you selected baked goods, please specify pies, cinnamon buns, etc. The Market Manager reserves the right to request removal of any products not listed/approved from your stall.
    IHA Guidelines available on the Kimberley Farmers' Market Vendor Information Page.
    If your product(s) is/are High Risk, Please send a copy of your Letter of Permission from a BC Environmental Health Officer. If your product(s) is/are Low Risk, please send an ingredients list for each product to be sold at the market. All attachments can be sent by email to
    Wildsight must retain a copy of your certification in order for it to be considered. Please scan and send any certifications by email to
    If "yes" you MUST have an operating fire extinguisher on site at all times.
  • Please note that all approved vendor applications will be subject to a non-refundable $15 fee.

Thank you for your submission! We look forward to reviewing it.

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