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Below is a list of fruit trees in Kimberley, Cranbrook and the Elk Valley that may have fruit available for picking. If you know of more trees requiring harvest, please register here. Furthermore, if you find out that a fruit tree is no longer producing, please let us know.

If you are collecting a harvest in someone’s yard, it is good practice to offer the owner some fruit in return.



NameContact Information & LocationTree TypeSpecial NotesLast Updated / 50 Wallinger AveApple tree: Ripe late SeptemberApples are ripe and super tasty! Bring a ladder or picking tools.2019
Tasha JohnstonText 250.420.7713, / 230 Cranbrook St.
Apple tree: ripens mid SeptemberClose gates when leaving please.2019
778.963.0001 / 231 106 Ave

Apple tree: ripens early September
I have a dog that may be inside or in the fenced back yard.2019
Brodie / 327 Marsden Str.
Two Apple trees: ripens mid September
Michael Stevens250.420.7873 / 2460 Dewolfe Ave
Apple tree: ripens early SeptemberTree is in the back yard.2019
Kerry250.427.6610Apple tree: ripens late September early OctoberThe apples are high in the tree.2019
Brennan Foreman812 304th stApple tree: ripens mid September.2019
Public TreeApple tree: ripe early September.2019
Kelley Neale250.427.4491Apple tree: ripens mid September.2019
Justine Greenall250.581.1101 / 237 Archibald StApples: Ripen August- SeptemberThree trees in the front yard.2019
Rachelle / 312 304th StreetCrab apples2019
Spence / 413 5th AvenueApple: Yellow apples ripe Sept 7 Red apples will be ripe around Sept 21 probablyPlease contact prior to anyone showing up to harvest.2019
Wayne Bell250-427-4634 / 160 Ritchie StreetApple: Ripe early September.Large tree with lots of apples. Front yard. Bring a ladder.2019
Jean Minifie250.432.9406 / 1329 Strong RoadApple tree: ripens mid SeptemberGreat for juice and applesauce.2019
Felicia or 250.581.0123 / 455 Jennings AveCrab apple tree ripe Mid SeptemberSome of the apple have worms.2019
Susan250.427.6187 / MarysvilleCrab Apple tree: ripe all of September2019
Anne Willems400 Halpin St. / 250.427.0052Apple tree: ripens mid-SeptemberTree located next to driveway2019
Darcy Mennie & Mike Kaufman250.421.1044 / 640 Wallinger AveApple tree: Ready end of August. 2019
Craig Paskin 250.427.6803 / Trail Street Apple tree: ripe mid- August2019
Kim Leroux250.427.3105 / 469-7th AvenueApple tree2019
Norma Buttignol250.427.45892 apple trees plus (just a few plums): Ripe early September. 2019
Kelly / 32-103rd AvenueApple tree: ripe mid- August to mid- September; Plum tree ripe late SeptemberBest access is through the car port. Bring a ladder for the plums.2019
Kelly Wolf250.427.8766 / 220 St. Mary's Avenue2 Apple trees: ripen late SeptemberDo not pick plum tree please!2019
Anne Waugh250-427-3266 / 220 Ross StApples: ripe end of August/ early SeptemberThese are located at a business2018
Layton Wilson778-481-5102 / 401 Fortier St2 apple 1 crab apple: End of SeptemberWould like some juice from these apples please.2018
Tammy250.427.4181/ 508-2 AvenueCrab apple tree2018
Jayme Goldie250.961.0369 / 824-8th Avenue3 Apple trees2018
Bernice Potapoff250-427-3895 / 254 304th Ave2 Crab Apple: ripe early September. 1 Prune Plum: ripe end of SeptemberFenced yard, trees easy to find.2018
Rhiannon Paterson250.427.3958 / 255 Moyie St.Apple TreeLocated in front yard2018
Natalie250.432.5277 / 145 Spokane StCrab apple trees: ripe August.Come anytime and take them all!2018
Sylvie Lessard 9-104th Ave Apple tree: ripe usually after first frost (early October)They are in our front yard, help yourself! 2018
Jennifer & Steve / 421 4th AveApple Tree: ripe in September.2018
Dave or cell 403.850.3365 / 475 Bryant BlvdApple treeThere's also a tree in my neighbor's yard that needs picking...He's out of province working.2018
Kelly / 215 Norton AvenueApple: ripe early September.Makes great cider!2018
Lorne & Gail Knutson / 280 Cranbrook Street Apple trees (2): ripe mid September 1 tree in front yard and 1 in back yard corner 2018
Gene Semenzin 250.427.3120 / 8744 Highway 95 A Apples2018
Lori Pasiechnyk 250.427.2346 / 806 309th St. MarysvilleApple tree (2): ripe mid Sept2018
250.427.9799 or / 374 8th AveCrab apple; ripe in SeptemberCome and get them anytime2018
Crystal / 616 8 AveCrab apple tree: ripe mid-SeptemberBring a tall ladder.2018
Carol McGregor250.427.3229 / 425 St. Marys Avenue6 Apple trees: 1 green, 5 red; ripe early-mid SeptemberRequires a ladder.2017
Dave Myson250.427.1727 / 260-305 Ave MarysvilleApple treeAlternate contact: Jackie Myson, 250.908.1626, please contact by text message.2017
Anne Davis250.427.7724 / 36-103 AvenueCrab apple tree: ripe late September.Requires a ladder. 2017
Vacant/Public Land West side of Knighton Road, between Collette Manor and Equicare2 Apple trees2017
Jessie Oakes 250.427.8651 / DeWolfe Avenue Apple tree: ripe September - October 2017
Spencer / 413 5th Avenue3 Apple trees: 1 early yellow (late August), 2 late red (October)2017
Shirley Stroud250.427.3405, 250.919.6055(c) / 300th Street2 Apple trees2017
Darian / 1645 Warren Avenue1 Apple tree, 1 Crab apple tree2017
Gina / 88-103rd AvenueApple tree: ripe mid September.2017
Mrs. Waites250.427.4177 / 130-306th AvenuePlum treeWalk into the backyard from street. Ladders are against the tree.2017
Vacant/Public LandEnd of Beale AvenueApple tree: ripens late August2017
Norma Buttignol250.427.4589, / 866 Rotary Drive2 Apple trees, 2 Plum trees: ripen early-mid September.Owner requests a share of fruit in exchange.2017
Melanie Murphy250.354.9155 / 190 Higgins StreetApple tree: ripens September2017
Sandra Loewen250.427.2939 / 8512 Highway 95A (Meadowbrook)Crab apple treeRequires a ladder
Evan Little 250.427.0131 / 130 Otis Street2 Crab apple trees Great Crab apples for juice and jelly.
Evelyn Neumann 250.427.4109 / 995 Rotary DriveCrab apple tree
Jack Ratcliffe 250.427.4281 Crab apple tree: ripe mid-September.



NameContact Information & LocationTree TypeSpecial NotesLast Updated
Amber / 5634 Vanlerberg Rd.2 Apple trees: ripen mid September2019 / 3300 6th ST SCrabapple treeWe have two crabapple trees in our front yard - only the one closest to the sidewalk makes tasty apples, the other is ornamental.
Seamus Damstrom778-828-8617 / 2512 3A Street SouthApple Tree: ripens late August / early September2019
Kim / 112 5th Ave. S.2 Apple trees: ripens late August2019
Lori Smith250.420.7800 / near Gyro Parkcrabapple tree: ripens early SeptemberGreat for jelly.2019
Jen Siemens2001-4th Street South / j.a.siemens@gmail.comApple tree: ripens late SeptemberTree located in backyard. Cooking apple, that are good for apple sauce, dried apples and pies etc.2019
Ineke Rhebergen403 8th ave S CranbrookCrab apple: ripens early August2019
Richard Dommett / unit # 2398 - 2300 - 2nd street north crabapple: ripens mid-September Located near the soccer field.2018
Carol Lattey250.489.0950/ 1934-5 Street SouthApple tree; ripens mid September2017
Kim Shatford250.919.1184/ 321-10 Avenue SouthApple tree: ripens SeptemberLadder advised.2017
Chris Lehman250.489.3596/ 125 9th Avenue SouthApple tree: ripens early-mid Septemberr2017
Christy 17th Avenue SouthApple tree: ripens early-mid September2017
Trish Barnes 250.489.0474/ 15 Avenue SouthApple treeHeritage tree with big, red, juicy and sweet apples. Can be wormy.2017
Margaret Dunbar 250.421.4262/ 4324-38th Avenue South Apple treeHouse recently sold and may not allow picking in 2018.2017
Donna Brady Fields250.426.5386/ 616-18th Avenue SouthApple tree: ripens mid-SeptemberLadder advised. Owner request a few pounds of apples in exchange.2017
Channon and Geddes250.615.1431 and 250.615.1418/ 206 4th Avenue South2 Apple trees: ripens late August - early September2017



NameContact Information & LocationTree TypeSpecial Notes
642 4th Ave, Fernie
Crab AppleTree will be ready to be picked by mid-August 2018
1022 11 avenue Fernie
AppleTree will be ready in the next week or so. I am happy to fwd a pic and the apples are very good quality and tasty.....could be sold at market. I do not live at this address permanently however full access to the tree is granted to the person doing the picking. Thank you!
Jason Adamsjay_adams13@hotmail.comAppleTree is starting to produce apples to be picked now. Please email for address in Sparwood.
Mary Taylor153 Pine Ave, Sparwood
AppleThe apples are high, so will need to picked by ladder or Apple picking tool, Apples are ready now!
Allie1381 Colclough Ave, Fernie
Apples, plum, crabapple6 Apple trees, 1 crabapple and 1 plum tree and they are all ready to be picked now.
Gail Reeves89 Ridgemont Drive
ApplesFalling off tree now and good-to-go.
Pat Moore3715 Vanlerberg Road, Fernie
CrabappleApples are ready now.


Photo credit: Brian Clarkson

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