Photo by Lucas Jmieff
Photo: Lucas Jmief

Natalie Ebsworth

Natalie  Ebsworth

Branch Board Secretary

Golden Branch

Natalie spent the best part of 10 years travelling the world as a Snow Sports Instructor. After witnessing the unpredictability from season to season due to environmental factors she returned to the UK to complete an Environmental Science B.Sc (hons). Since then has worked in invasive species (plants) with Spectrum Resources Group, as a Community Coordinator with WildSafeBC and as a Junior Biologist. She looks forward to working with Wildsight Golden as it is very important to Natalie to be actively involved in environmental work in whatever area of the world she lives. In her spare time she like to hike, ski (all types) and is a very amatuer bird watcher.

Natalie 's work

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