Marcy Mahr

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Following the path of many transborder grizzlies and wolves, 10 years ago Marcy Mahr and her family dispersed north from Montana, leaping the 49th parallel and immigrating to the Kootenays. Marcy has a M.Sc. in Plant Ecology and her passion for conserving biodiversity has guided her career as an eclectic ecologist. She’s worked on numerous projects in amazing landscapes all over western Canada and the US to advance conservation biology and protect species and ecosystems at risk.

Nowadays, Marcy can be found mucking around rich wetlands, tracking western toads by headlamp to keep them off the road, and inspiring Basin youth to know their watersheds. Marcy lives on a permaculture farm in the Slocan Valley with a small herd of mischievous dairy goats (who thankfully don’t fit in her kayak). Marcy teaches our Know Your Watershed program.

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