Photo by Lucas Jmieff
Photo: Lucas Jmief

Kim Thorn

Kim Thorn


The Know Your Watershed program in Valemount has given Kim Thorn a welcome opportunity to share program and personal knowledge with the community’s youth, in the strong belief that supporting their understanding of water and watersheds now, will lead to more water-wise adults. Kim has lived for over 35 years in the area and loves her rural life, which brings her regularly into contact with forest and aquatic wildlife.
Together, with an ad hoc citizen’s group, Kim helped raise public awareness about exploitation of groundwater, took part in creek-side cleanups and, with the community, successfully stopped a proposal for a local bottling plant. For more than 10 years, Kim has been an Environment Canada Water Quality Monitor at Red Pass, BC, and as a United Way Success by 6 Community Coordinator for the past eight years, Kim has found a way to include water in her work there too, through a free swimming program for children 0-6 and their parents. Kim also works as a graphic artist and grows medicinal herbs.

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