Photo by Lucas Jmieff
Photo: Lucas Jmief

Kiana Froese

Kiana Froese

Golden Youth Climate Corps Coordinator

Wildsight Regional

Kiana is honoured to start up and coordinate Golden’s Youth Climate Corps. Growing up with parents prioritizing outdoor time only second to school, Kiana developed a deep appreciation of the land she lives on. This appreciation is fostered through time spent walking, biking, skiing, and learning outside whenever possible. With the desire to create space for people to learn and protect the environment, she is thrilled to help bring environmental jobs to Golden. This will practice as a platform to develop and promote passionate and informed young adults while connecting them to professionals and experts in the field.
Her experience with Wildsight Golden as their Volunteer Coordinator will allow for continued engagement in the community. Kiana hopes to develop leaders in Golden to create a sense of urgency and stimulate change.

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Kiana's work

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