Photo by Lucas Jmieff
Photo: Lucas Jmief

Jennifer Greenwood

Jennifer Greenwood

Branch Board Co-Chair

Golden Branch

Jen has been in Golden since 2019, after moving from Revelstoke. Over the last 10 years, she has developed a strong sense of place and love for this region and is finding joy in exploring this side of the Columbia Valley now. For the last five years Jen has worked in ecological monitoring and now wildlife management as well, for Parks Canada. Prior to this, her somewhat meandering career as a biologist took her to many wild and beautiful places including offshore islands, the Bering Sea, Jamaican mangrove forests, the Canadian boreal forest, and the many wonderful habitats of the Columbia region. Her grad school endeavours involved studying the settlement ecology of small raptors and understanding how animals’ life histories vary depending on the elevation at which they breed, using songbirds as a model.

Outside of work, Jen does most kinds of skiing, bikes carefully, and loves trail running when her body cooperates. She channels her meagre artistic inclinations in to a somewhat messy garden when the opportunity arises, loves permaculture principles, and dreams of having a backyard food forest one day. She is excited to contribute, connect, learn, and grow, as a part of the Wildsight Golden’s Board of Directors.