Photo by Lucas Jmieff
Photo: Lucas Jmief

Calvin Beauchesne

Calvin Beauchesne

Branch Board Vice-Chair
Contractor Woodstove Exchange Program

Golden Branch

My name is Calvin Beauchesne. I have a BA (Honours) in Environmental Studies and MA in Sustainability Studies. I led the fossil fuel divestment campaign at my university from 2013- 2015. I wrote my masters thesis on the effectiveness of different tactics and strategies of opposition to the Trans Mountain pipeline in BC. I have lived in Golden for 3 seasons. This past winter I presented to Golden City Council proposing the town declare a climate emergency and commit to 100% renewable energy by 2050 based on the 100% Renewable Kootenays report by West Kootenay Eco-Society. This year Golden became the 12th community in the Kootenays and the first community outside of the west Kootenays to commit to the eco-society’s plan. I’ve most recently taken on the position of Coordinator for Wildsight Golden’s Climate Action task force. I want to join the board because I think Wildsight Golden is doing some very important work and I would love to be apart of a group that’s taking action on environmental issues in our community and more broadly. 

Calvin's work

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