Photo by Lucas Jmieff
Photo: Lucas Jmief

Ameila Bonenfant

Amelia Bonenfant

Branch Board Director

Kimberley Cranbrook Branch

After graduating with a degree in Biology and Environmental Science at Trent University and working as a Conservation Technician for The Nature Conservancy of Canada, Amelia moved to BC to gain work experience and live in the mountains. She then worked for The Nature Trust of BC and Spectrum Resources managing conservation lands and invasive species. Through her work with Neighbours United and Wildsight Kimberley Cranbrook, Amelia is making a positive contribution to the Kootenays.

Amelia is also a landscape artist whose eco-conscious artwork reflects her appreciation for nature and the environment. She strives to create art that inspires others to stay eco-conscious and bring the peace and wonder of creation into people’s hearts and homes.