Photo by Lucas Jmieff
Photo: Lucas Jmief

Jenna Schulhof

Jenna Schulhof

Columbia Valley Conservation Coordinator

Jenna is the Columbia Valley Conservation Coordinator. Jenna has lived between BC’s coast mountains and the Rockies her whole life and has made Golden, BC her home since 2020. Her enthusiasm for healthy ecosystems and wild spaces has always shaped her work. This has led her to various roles including ecological monitoring as a resource conservation officer in six mountain national parks and prior to, as an environmental educator with award winning programs for youth and adults across Alberta. She has a B.A. in ecotourism and a technical diploma in fish, wildlife and recreation. She is happiest when she is studying or playing in the mountains, whether it be with the frogs and dragonflies in the wetlands or the pikas and mountain goats at the peaks.

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