F.A.Q's, Forms and Fun

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is considered food waste?  Food waste is any item of food not eaten that will otherwise be thrown in the garbage, compost, to pets and livestock or various other means of disposal.
  2. Do I have to weigh the packaging of the food item I am discarding?  If the food is well beyond best before and you are deciding to discard the entire contents of the container then weigh the package as a whole for your data log.  For all other items, simply weigh it as it is without the packaging.
  3. Do I have to clean my freezer too?  No.  You are only asked to collect food waste from your supper meals along with two fridge cleans; however, if you are using an item from your freezer for supper and you are throwing away some of the edible contents, then please do document this.
  4. What if I go out for supper one of the nights I am scheduled to collect data?  Reschedule for another day as it gets too tricky being at a restaurant and family or friend’s place to weigh.  If you feel really excited about the challenge and want to share with other people; however, please feel free to take your weighing to the “streets”.

**Here is your food waste log sheet!**

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Photo credit: Peg Leg Films – Scene from Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story