Vanishing Bighorns Art Exhibit

Friday, January 14, 2022 - Friday, February 18, 2022
Golden Branch
Art Gallery of Golden

Stop in and See the Sheep.

The Golden Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep herd is hanging on, despite having a 600-million dollar highway expansion project between their winter range and their lambing range.  “Vanishing Bighorns” is an attempt to engage and interest people in the plight of bighorn sheep which coexist with highways.  The artists, Wildsight Golden and The Art Gallery of Golden welcome you to visit.

The “Vanishing Bighorns” exhibit features original portraits created by professional and non-professional artists who have used photographs and video to represent one herd member each, thereby representing the 14 animals in the herd of bighorn sheep as it was in 2020!!The purpose of the exhibit is to allow the public to see amazing art and learn about the life and death of bighorn sheep that coexist with highways.

Free admission.  Mask required.

More information is available from the Art Gallery of Golden here.