Searching for Tao Canyon: Pat Morrow and Jeremy Schmidt

Tuesday, October 30, 2018
McKim Theatre, Kimberley

Searching For Tao Canyon: Over the period of a decade, beginning in 1975, the subterranean world of the American desert began to offer up its secrets to photographer Pat Morrow, Jeremy Schmidt and Art Twomey. Long before the region was “discovered” by modern day adventurers and instagrammed nearly to death, the trio set out to explore and document the slickrock canyons (some for the very first time) that radiate across the surface of the parched Colorado Plateau.

In their newly released book, Searching For Tao Canyon, the dirtbag trio embark on a quest to find the perfect slot canyon in America’s southwest—what they call “slickrock Xanadu.”

The book, and the presentation, is a tribute to Art Twomey whose early conservation work in the Kimberley area helped lead to Wildsight’s organization and mandate today. Tickets are $13 in advance here, $15 at the door. Tuesday, October 30th at McKim Theatre in Kimberley, doors at 7pm, show starts at 7:30pm.