Food Forest Workshop – Fernie

Sunday, April 17, 2016
Elk Valley Branch

Although this garden looks remarkably like a forest, it isn’t exactly a forest… It’s an intelligently designed edible forest garden aka food forest that is modeled after natural forest ecosystems – making it more resilient, low maintenance, sustainable, and beneficial to the surrounding environment than conventional gardens, landscaping, and agriculture.

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Come out and learn how it’s possible to create a garden that looks remarkable like a forest at our upcoming  workshop!

Much like natural forests, food forests build healthy soil, sequester carbon, harvest and store rainwater, and provide a multitude of habitats for beneficial birds, insects, and other wildlife, all while providing humans with locally grown, organic food.

Well, you might be thinking, this all sounds great… but how is it really possible?

We look to natural forests for the answer…  

There aren’t a group of gnomes running around the forest fertilizing, weeding, and watering… so how do forest systems perform this “work” all on their own?

Put simply the answer is that forests are interconnected ecosystems where the needs of the various members of the ecosystem are met by what the other members produce, allowing the system to take care of itself.

So is it possible that humans can design and plant forest gardens that function in a similar way, providing us with food and medicine while becoming largely self-maintaining and helping regenerate the environment?


The answer is YES! And you’re invited to learn how…

Date & Time: Sunday April 17th, 12:30 pm – 3:30pm,

Location: Nevados Restaurant, 531 3rd Ave.

Cost: $35, or Volunteer hours at the Eco Garden contact office to arrange.

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Adrian Buckley

  • Adrian Buckley has a Bachelor’s of Community Design and has completed a Permaculture Design Certificate in 2009. Before reGenerate Design, Adrian founded and operated Big Sky Permaculture, where he taught courses in permaculture design, has extensive experience implementing over 20 ecological design and build projects in Calgary and surrounding areas. Adrian started and directs the Calgary Harvest project, which aims at bringing people together to harvest local unused fruit from registered trees in Calgary.

Lindsay Meads BSc, MEDes

Lindsay Meads has a Bachelor’s of Applied and Environmental Geology and a Master’s of Environmental Design in Urban Design, as well as completing a Permaculture Design Certificate and an NCI Charrette System Training Certificate. She has worked with community associations to develop sustainability plans using public engagement, facilitated design workshops and implemented placemaking projects in the public realm. Before founding reGenerate Design, she worked for the City of Calgary in Development and Building Approvals, giving her a detailed understanding of bylaws, policy, planning and urban design. Additionally, she has project management experience in the environmental consulting industry, including managing field programs with multiple contractors, project budgeting and technical report writing.

Luke Kimmel

Luke has accumulated diverse gardening experience in a wide range of settings, studying extensively under a handful of Canada’s most experienced food foresters such as Richard Walker, Gregoire Lamoureux (Kootenay Permaculture Institute), and Rob Avis (Verge Permaculture); and working on some of Western Canada’s largest and most extensive food forest projects to date. He continually applies his “boots-on-the-ground” wisdom to enhance the design and installation process. Luke believes that creating a better world is possible through helping people develop a meaningful and productive relationship with nature. He builds excitement and incites positive action by sharing this vision through workshops and public speaking.