Food For Thought: Food Security For Our Communities

Sunday, October 16, 2016
Elk Valley Branch


Wildsight Elk Valley Branch proudly presents FOOD for THOUGHT: Food Security For Our Communities – an online event designed to educate, connect & inspire anyone interested in food security. We’re bringing together thought leaders, community organizers, politicians, educators and growers to hear their thoughts about what you can do to raise awareness about food security at a local level, how you can take action to encourage a food system redesign, and what’s happening in their communities to inspire you to keep up the work you’re already doing.

line-upfinalv2WHO IS THIS SUMMIT FOR? Food Security communities across Canada. This community includes individuals, professionals, educators, community groups, non-profits, food banks, farmers, hunters, fishers, business, health authorities, municipal and provincial governments and Indigenous communities working towards food security.

KNOWLEDGE EQUALS RESULTS Often times understanding what it means to have food justice in your community is a difficult trail map to navigate. During this summit you’ll learn:

How to build relationships with municipal governments in order to move forward with your proposals.
What other communities in BC are doing to build sustainable food systems.
Why it’s important to position yourself as an expert in Food Security in your community.
Where to access free resources to support your work.
How to support your local agricultural economy so that you are partners in success.
How to engage with and encourage the next generation of change makers to get involved
What’s happening at the federal level in Food Security
What the current landscape of urban farming looks like and how to get involved.
PLUS much more!

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