Wild Ideas Fernie — Bed Time!

Monday, October 16, 2017
Elk Valley Branch
Infinitea T-Bar and Boutique

Join Madi Bragg, local gardening guru, in this lively discussion on how to put your garden to sleep for the winter!

Madi has a LOT of wild ideas when it comes to gardening in the East Kootenays; but the one that she always get some confused looks for is her conviction that in the short growing season we have here, much of your garden’s nutrients can be replaced and strengthened…through the winter.

Dealing with your garden properly before winter can be one of the largest factors in the health and wealth of your plants next year! If you have some wild ideas or would like to hear some of Madi’s, come on out and let’s put our gardens “to bed” so they stay healthy this “cold and flu” season.

This event is FREE but Infinitea serves awesome $12 meals and amazing drinks so please do try one!