Photo: Morgan Mitchinson

Wildsight Education 2023/24

This school year, INSPIRE your students to be stewards of the environment by taking them on a place-based, curriculum connected learning journey through one of our Education in the Wild programs! 

We offer half-day programs in nearby nature, full day ecosystem exploration field trips, and multi-day stewardship action opportunities. Choose a program here that will surely be one of the highlights of your school year!

Program Costs

Due to a decrease in funding, Wildsight programs are now offered at a subsidized cost. All bussing costs are now the responsibility of the school. When requesting your program, please choose the program cost option that best suits your schools needs. Thanks to the generosity of individual donors, Wildsight has a very small number of bursaries that reduce the cost to $0 available for schools who cannot pay the regular subsidized program cost. See below to apply for a bursary.

Classroom with Outdoors:

Full Day Program Pricing Options

  • Non-subsidized: $500
  • Subsidized: $250


Multi-Day Program Pricing Options

  • Non-subsidized: $1600
  • Subsidized: $600

Winter Wonder:

Half-Day Program Pricing Options

  • Non-subsidized: $390
  • Subsidized: $175


This one-day experience inspires kids to become stewards of the wild places in which they live, promotes ecological literacy, teaches students about reciprocity and gives them an inspiring vision for the future.
Fall Program requests open: August 31st
Spring Program requests open March 15th

Learn more here.



A multi-day program guided by the passion and interests of each class. Students take environmental action into their own hands by designing, planning and carrying out their own stewardship action project.
Fall Program applications open: August 31st
Spring Program applications open March 15th
Learn more here.



Apply for a bursary

To be considered for a bursary please answer the following questions in an email to

  • Please tell us about how a Wildsight environmental education program will support you and your students. How will you further incorporate environmental education and outdoor learning in your classroom throughout the school year?
  • Have you considered and pursued other means of covering program costs such as fundraising or PAC support?