Call Minister Wilkinson to demand a federal assessment for Castle coal mine

In the next two weeks, Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson will make his decision to order a federal assessment of the mine or to let BC handle it—and we know the province is very eager to approve this mine, even if it means turning a blind eye to centuries of water pollution, decades of major carbon emissions and destruction of habitat for endangered species.

Minister Wilkinson needs to hear loud and clear that BC’s environmental assessment isn’t good enough and that we need a federal assessment for a massive coal mine that will operate until 2060. First Nations, dozens of conservations groups, government agencies and hundreds of people like you have asked the Minister for a federal assessment, but we know he’s under a lot of pressure from BC and Teck to ignore them.

Your voice is powerful. Please call Minister Wilkinson’s office in Ottawa at 613-995-1225. You don’t need to speak to anyone, just leave a message. Say your name and where you live, then let the Minister know that:

  • You’re worried about the environmental risks of coal mining in BC’s Elk Valley and the huge Castle mine.
  • The Minister should designate the Castle coal mine expansion for a federal environmental assessment because the mine will send dangerous water pollution downstream for many centuries.

Optionally, give the Minister some more good reasons to assess the mine:

Please call Minister Wilkinson’s office in Ottawa today at 613-995-1225. If you can let us know you’ve called, we’d really appreciate it.

Want to do even more? Tweet at Minister Wilkinson asking him for a federal assessment.

Thank you!