Turtle Conservation Revelstoke

Turtle Conservation Revelstoke (TCR) is a community partnership working to develop and implement comprehensive strategies to protect and conserve Revelstoke’s Western Painted Turtle population. Formed in 2023, TCR welcomes new members and partners to broaden its support and expertise.

Western Painted Turtles are designated as a Special Concern (blue listed) species in BC, meaning that they are facing many threats and are vulnerable to further declines. The main pressures causing these declines across BC, including Revelstoke, are extensive loss of wetland habitats, and increases in human settlement and road development.

TCR are working with community leaders to develop strategies to enhance nesting habitat and reduce road mortality that will help to sustain Revelstoke’s Western Painted Turtle population.

How you can help:

As the weather warms up, the turtles become more active. Hatchlings may be seen emerging from their nests or trekking to the wetland in early May. Adults begin breeding in May, and females can be observed nesting in sandy-sunny locations, or searching for appropriate nesting sites around ponds and wetlands. Turtles on roadways are at risk of being struck so please slow down and be observant especially during late afternoon and early evenings in May and June. If you observe a turtle crossing the road, please stop and give it time and space to cross. Do not pick up turtles that are found on or beside roadways unless they are in imminent danger of being struck.

Please contact revelstoke@wildsight.ca for more information or if you are interested in donating time, talent, or funds towards Western Painted Turtle conservation efforts in Revelstoke. 

Turtle Conservation Revelstoke brochure 2023

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