Outdoor Education

Outdoor learning in any season is an engaging and super beneficial thing to do with your children. Not only does it increase physical activity and improve mental health, but it also provides connections to nature, reinforcement of observational skills, expansion of imaginative & creative play, awareness of the change of seasons, increasing inquiry-based learning, and development of a sense of wonder.

Spending time outdoors boasts many benefits to a child’s overall well-being. It has been proven to reduce stress and even increase focus and effective learning for some children. Read more about the benefits of outdoor education below: 

Top 10 Benefits of Outdoor Education in British Columbia. 

Wildsight Invermere believes that outdoor education is crucial to the development of young children which is why we created an easily accessible  Outdoor Learning in Winter for Young Children guide for parents to reference when looking for ideas on how to facilitate early outdoor learning. 




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