West Bench Recreation Ecology Study

This summer we will be continuing to gather observations on the west bench of the Columbia River near Golden to increase our understanding of the relationship between recreational pursuits and landscape ecology. The ultimate goal is to help us all learn how to avoid unwanted cumulative impacts on wildlife over time as we enjoy this spectacular region.  

We were pleased to receive a grant from the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative (Y2Y) to continue support for our recreation ecology project through 2022. Each year Y2Y funds local community work across the Yellowstone to Yukon region that supports their mission to protect and connect habitat so that wildlife and people thrive.

Our data will also contribute to a larger ongoing project led by Y2Y and the University of Northern British Columbia which is focused on mapping and classifying trails across a large region, measuring and monitoring intensity of human use, and modelling important wildlife habitat to compare with human use and potential impacts.

We welcome all community input into this project. There will be volunteer opportunities to contribute over the summer and early fall.

Please call Wildsight Golden at 250-439-8491 or email golden@wildsight.ca for more information.

Many thanks for funding to:

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