Community Wellness Trail

In 2023, Wildsight Golden received a generous grant from the Golden & District Community Foundation to do a feasibility study for a proposed community wellness trail.

What is the proposed Community Wellness Trail?

An accessible and inclusive trail located in the Town of Golden or Area A that is used for the purposes of wellness and education. 

Examples include, but are not limited to: walk and talk therapy, meditation, forest and nature bathing, yoga, interpretive walks, physiotherapy, physical rehabilitation, mindfulness, and gentle strolls.

This trail would not be accessible to bikes, motorized vehicles, other forms of sporting activities, or pet walkers. 

The trail would be open to the community with local practitioners being able to book the trail for private use for a limited period of time each week.

On September 30, 2023, the feasibility study was completed and can be found here.

It was such a big file that I broke it up into pieces if you prefer to view it as a pdf. :

Community Wellness Trail Feasibility Study part 1

Community Wellness Trail Feasibility Study Part 2

Community Wellness Trail Feasibility Study Part 3

Community Wellness Trail Feasibility Study part 4

Community Wellness Trail Feasibility Study part 5

Community Wellness Trail Feasibility Study part 6

The Golden Community Foundation was able to see the vision and fund this feasibility study, which we consider phase 1 of the project.

The project work plan incorporates  Definition of use, location scouting, identify trail building team, assess logistics for phase 2. 

Wildsight Golden gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Golden & District Community Foundation which provides leadership and support that helps in addressing significant community needs.





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