Job Posting: GET WILD! Summer Camp Coordinator (GOLDEN)

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Wildsight Golden is looking for a highly self motivated and organized post secondary student to act as the main leader for the camp!

Wildsight Golden is a non-profit environmental organization whose main goal “is to work to maintain biodiversity and healthy human communities in and around our region”. The GET WILD! Summer Day Camp provides an environment and outdoor education program for children from ages 6-12. The camp prides itself with its experiential education style, local collaborations and projects.

This summer camp is all about spending the whole day outdoors (rain or shine) and leading children through experiential learning day to day. It’s meant to be super fun and inspiring for both staff and campers, a time to connect with the environment and Golden’s community. The camp staff are meant to foster healthy relationships with campers and guide them in playful days spent with friends.

Wildsight Golden will hire the Youth Environmental Education Coordinator for cumulatively 30 hours per week starting the first week in June until the end of August based at an hourly rate of $19.00. Camp hours are Monday to Friday, 9:00am-3:00pm for seven weeks between the beginning of July and end of August.

– The employee will maintain time records and expense receipts in a form satisfactory to Wildsight Golden.
– Work with previous Camp Coordinator to run a counsellor and staff training week.
– The employee will implement the attached Schedule A workplan.
– Wildsight Golden will provide coverage under Worksafe BC for the employee
– The employee will at all reasonable times, permit Wildsight Golden to inspect and copy all material that has been produced or received by the employee as a result of this agreement, including accounting records, findings, software, data, drawings, reports and documents, whether complete or not.
– The employee will treat all Materials as confidential and not permit their disclosure without the consent of Wildsight Golden.
– The employee will comply with all applicable laws.

Schedule A:
The Youth Environmental Education Coordinator’s work will be to  develop and run the GET WILD! Summer Day Camp with assistance, and under the guidance of the Branch Manager and the Wildsight Golden Board of Directors. The duties will include:

– Develop a program of activities for the camp  that are fun,  safe and keep the  camp mission as a focus. The camp mission is to inspire youth to connect with our community and nature with fun inclusive outdoor activities.
– Communication with parents
– Work with the Camp Counsellor to plan, coordinate and run the camp, including following the safety plan, Volunteer coordination, schedule of activities, weekly out trip, transportation and camp supplies.
– Keep a record of hours worked daily to report to the Branch Manager and Treasurer at the end of each month.
– Keep detailed record of expenses and materials bought to claim as camp expenses.
– Seek assistance with any difficult decision making or problems.
– Run the Camp the beginning of July to the end of August (Dates TBA)
– Keep safety a priority for all camp activities.
– Update the Camp Manual with useful insights and information that can be used as a resource for future camps.

Job Requirements:
Must be a student currently attending Post-secondary education.

Must have experience working with children, organizing programs, with an interest in environmental education.

Driver’s lisence, first Aid training, outdoor skill certificates and other applicable training is an asset.

Special Conditions: If you are selected for this position and are over 18 years of age you must submit a Criminal Record Check to Wildsight Golden by June 2018.
Please email all applications to RE: Camp Coordinator Application.