Know Your Neighbour: Mandi McRobbie

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Ski destination turned forever home

For some folks, the valley is too enticing to ever leave. Mandi was drawn here by the wildlife and breathtaking landscapes, and hooked in by the “culture of kindness and support in the community. My husband and I stopped here to ski for a few weeks and we never left!”

Designing with delight

Mandi has fostered environmental efforts in the Columbia Valley since arriving in 2001. Often behind the scenes (and behind the camera!), Mandi is a past Program Manager for the Lake Windermere Project, and now supports Wildsight as a designer for both the regional organization and the Invermere branch. Enjoying this work so much, she exclaims “Fun!” when talking about her most recent Wildsight project, the new interpretive signs at Lake Enid (coming spring 2016).


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