United for old growth

Communities across the province are coming together to rise up for the last remaining old growth on September 28th.

This is a critical moment for forests in British Columbia. Three years have passed since the B.C. government promised to work with First Nations to implement a paradigm-shift in forest stewardship laid out in the Old Growth Strategic Review. Yet the B.C. government has made little progress on their promises. In fact, most old growth remains on the chopping block. Will you help hold them accountable?

Communities across B.C. and beyond are experiencing the worst fire season on record. Intact forests are one of our best allies in the climate crisis – they help protect us from worsening climate risks like fires and floods, they store massive amounts of carbon, provide fresh air and clean water, and so much more.

For the health and safety of our communities, let’s ramp up the pressure. This September 28 distributed day of action happens right before the B.C. Legislature returns to session. Our actions outside government offices and in key communities across BC will send MLAs back to Victoria with a strong mandate to do more for the forests and all the life they sustain.

We are hosting rallies at MLA Brittny Anderson’s office in Nelson and downtown in Revelstoke, Radium and Golden. Join us! 

View all events happening across the province.

If you can’t make it, you can still make a difference: write to Premier Eby and tell him you support an end to old growth logging.

Photo: Eddie Petryshen