Renovating? Building? Find rebates with Better Homes BC!

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Thousands of dollars available in provincial and federal rebates to save you money while you reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save energy. The Better Homes BC website is a one stop shop for all rebates and it has an easy search tool so you can find out what projects are eligible. 

Rebates and grants are available for home improvements in categories such as insulation, heating and cooling, draft proofing, windows, and appliances! 

Some examples include up to $1100 available to replace old wood stoves, up to $6000 for installing a heat pump or $900 to insulate your attic. 

Still doesn’t seem like enough to make it worth it? There are additional rebates of up to $5500 for households with limited income to cover between 65-95% of the project costs.

The Town of Golden is working towards being 100% renewable by 2050 and one of the pillars of that commitment is to retrofit buildings to reduce energy consumption. By reducing your household energy use, you will be supporting the community goals as well.

It’s easy to find out what rebates are available for what, simply visit and type in Golden or CSRD area A and whether you are renovating or building.

There are several provincial rebates and additionally you can apply for Canada Greener Homes Grant which can give you up to $5600 for projects such as installing solar panels and replacing old windows and doors. 

Wildsight Golden is not affiliated with Clean BC Better Homes, but simply wanted to make this information available to Golden residents. 

(submitted by Jenna Schuloff)

(Photo by Jens Behrmann)