Hatch New Ideas & Hype New Products at the Kimberley Farmers' Market

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Summer and the Kimberley Farmers’ Market may still be months away, but we’re excited to announce an exciting opportunity for existing and future vendors!

The BC Farmers’ Market Hatch & Hype project is an initiative that enables people to hatch, hype, and highlight new BC farm and food products from existing vendors and new vendors at BCAFM farmers’ markets such as the one in Kimberley. 

As we gear up for a new season, we want to spread the word about the Hatch & Hype program, which provides a free table at our Thursday evening farmers’ market to emerging food vendors or existing food vendors with new products. “It’s simultaneously a launching pad and a pop up tent,” explains Kimberley Farmers’ Market Manager Chad Kile.

Hatch a Business Idea

Hatch & Hype aims to support emerging vendors as they hatch new ideas, test a product or line of products, collect feedback, and build relationships. By covering the cost of a farmers’ market table, the initiative presents a low-cost, low-barrier opportunity that simultaneously helps new vendors with exposure, marketing, and networking.

“It gives people with an idea, big or small, an entire product line or just a single product, the chance to try it out in the community and see where it can go,” Kile adds. “If you have a kick*** pumpkin pie recipe and want to bring it to the market, come and test it on somebody other than your family and friends. It could be the starting point for a whole pie operation.”

Hype New Products

Hatch & Hype also helps vendors build hype around new products. Free resources for participating vendors include the use of a Hatch & Hype branded tent kit and promotional materials provided by the BCAFM at the Kimberley Farmers’ Market, as well as access to resources and sponsorship opportunities.

Hatch & Hype rolled out in the Kootenays in 2021 and will expand to the rest of the province in 2022 with enough program funding. In addition to launching new businesses and products, Hatch & Hype also aims to encourage further diversity amongst vendors and provide accessible educational opportunities for business owners and farmers’ market organizers alike. 

“In the past we’ve had a drop in table and it’s kind of the same concept,” adds Wildsight Kimberley Cranbrook Branch Manager Andrea Chapman. “I’m excited because it’s a great opportunity to incubate new ideas. It’s a kickstarter!” 

Space is limited to one vendor at the Hatch and Hype table on each market night. If you’re interested in signing up for a table or learning more about the Hatch & Hype program, we invite you to get in touch!

Contact the Kimberley Farmers’ Market Manager at kimberleyfarmersmarket@wildsight.ca.