Social Life of Water Travelling Exhibit comes to Golden Museum and Archives

The Golden Museum and Archives has arranged to bring the Social Life of Water Exhibit from the Kelowna Museum to our facility.

This exhibit is a collaborative community exhibit that explores relationships with water. The display uses art, storytelling, audio and visual displays to explore the meanings that water has held for many communities, cultures and other groups in the valley over time.

In order to make this exhibit more relevant to the Columbia Valley, the Golden Museum and Archives has partnered with Wildsight Golden to arrange a series of speakers over 5 weeks. The speakers will be presenting on topics such as Bringing Communities Together, Human History, Salmon, Beavers, and Divided & Connected: Relations in a Big, Complicated Watershed. Some of these presentations are suitable for children, some are more suitable for adults. The speaker series will be on Wednesday, starting November 10 and ending December 15.  In order to participate in these sessions, registration and proof of vaccination will be required. There is the cost is $5/person  Registration can be done through the website or at the Golden Museum and Archives.

This multi-disciplinary exhibit will take visitors through a journey of watersheds, exploring relationships we have had with rivers over time. Also, as well as looking at the past and present, the exhibit will examine our relationship with water in the future, inviting people to think about how a responsible society values water in our future.

This fascinating exhibit will be on display from November 9, 2021 to December 23, 2021 at the Golden Museum and Archives.