Nature as a Climate Solution

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A Panel Webinar with Nature Canada, Protect our Winters and the Columbia River Salmon Reintroduction Initiative

Nature is arguably one of the most powerful tools we have in the fight against climate change, and yet it has too often been disregarded as such.

Nature-based climate solutions are the emerging response, and a reminder that protecting, restoring and better managing natural areas — like our Inland Temperate Rainforest and the Columbia Wetlands — can be one of the most effective ways of addressing the accelerating impacts of a changing climate. In fact, according to a Nature United report, “natural climate solutions could reduce Canada’s greenhouse gasses by as much as 78 megatons per year… more than 10% of Canada’s total emissions.”

This is perhaps particularly true in a region like our own, which has been rated by global scientists as providing one of the best opportunities on the planet for successfully addressing the impacts of climate change.

But what actually constitutes a nature-based climate solution? And how can we mobilize them to effect change in our region?

Tune into our panel webinar featuring exciting leaders in this new field of climate action to learn more about what NBCS are and how organizations in the Kootenay-Columbia region are using them to advance the climate resilience of our communities.