Upper Columbia Swallow Habitat Enhancement Project

Photo: Rachel Darvill

Recently the Columbia Bain Trust’s (CBT) Ecosystem Enhancement Program announced that it will be supporting the Upper Columbia Swallow Habitat Enhancement Project (UCSHEP) with a monetary value of $432,000 over 5 years! We would also like to acknowledge the financial and in-kind contributions the organizations whose logo’s appear here

Barn swallows eat up to 850 insects per day – a massive amount of mosquitoes, but both bank and barn swallow species are at-risk species’ facing a sharp population decline. The UCSHEP is a five‐year project that will conserve and enhance breeding and nesting habitat of both species at various locations in the area.  Starting in 2023 the UCSHEP will also track migratory routes and wintering ground locations of bank swallows to better understand the opportunity for collaboration with other regional and international partners.

Wildsight Golden will be constructing large barn swallow nesting structures throughout the Columbia Valley starting in 2021.  To help important barn swallow colonies thrive and move them to better locations we are soliciting donations to help cover the costs of a costly barn swallow buildings – valued at about $17,000 each.  You can make your donation here. We will provide you with a receipt and recognize your contribution.

“The Upper Columbia Swallow Habitat Enhancement Project is offering citizen science opportunities as well, in terms of monitoring swallow nest sites in the Columbia Valley,” said Rachel Darvill, Program Biologist on the UCSHEP with Wildsight Golden. “  If you are interested in potential volunteer opportunities to monitor swallow nest sites, please contact racheldarvill@gmail.com

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