Help our Pollinators, Don’t Mow in May

Bees and butterflies are two of many small creatures that pollinate plants and sustain our ecosystems by helping plants reproduce. These small critters, travel from plant to plant carrying pollen on their bodies assisting with the reproduction of plants. Without these critical interactions, the world loses availability and diversity of fresh produce and human nutrition would suffer.

Our pollinators are in danger and need our help.  Factors contributing to the decline of pollinators are combinations of pollution, the misuse of chemicals, the changes in climatic patterns, loss of habitat, and disease. These issues contributing to the shrinking of pollinator populations is very concerning to all.

You can help, by creating ecosystems and food in your yard for these creatures in the early spring. Wildsight Golden is encouraging our community to participate in No Mow May. Let your dandelions, clovers and other early wildflowers bloom in your yard. This will help feed our pollinators to help them to get by until the summer perennials start to bloom.

Spread the word by downloading a poster or create your own and put it in your window. You can find a downloadable poster here. 

The bees and butterflies will thank you!

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