Wildsight Kimberley Cranbrook and Bruce Kirkby Team Up for An Epic Adventure

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It is that wonderful time of year when outdoor, and adventure enthusiasts typically gather indoors to be inspired by films at the renowned Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival World Tour. Unfortunately, with pandemic precautions in place, that cannot happen.

However, we have teamed up with adventurer, writer and photographer Bruce Kirkby for Epic Adventures Indoors – a community-wide viewing event being held in February, safely from the comfort of your very own home!

Participating is easy. Get involved by purchasing a ticket package for the virtual Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival World Tour, watching the films any day during February 2021 and connecting with your nearest and dearest by being transported to some of the most amazing destinations in the world. The best part, proceeds from ticket sales help support our conservation, education and environmental initiatives. 

Bruce Kirby said of the importance of the Epic Adventures Indoors campaign, “Even though the pandemic is going on, we can’t take our eyes off the things that really matter and one of those for all of us is the outdoors and the environment, both locally, and provincially and nationally,” he added, “There is still a chance for us all get involved, for us all to be inspired and most importantly, for us to support Wildsight Kimberley Cranbrook.”

With two new film programs released today on 4 February 2021, there is more incentive to watch than ever before. Viewers can choose ticket packages that celebrate amazing cultures, inspire adventure and whisk participants from Canada to India, Columbia, Bhutan and back. 

When asked why everyone should participate in Epic Adventures Indoors, Kirkby said, “I think the whole world of mountain art and mountain culture for me is an opportunity to travel without leaving home. To see new worlds, to get new ideas, to start conversations about remote and indigenous groups, that I may never have the chance to see. So, this year in particular, when we can’t leave home, when we can’t travel, it feels extra important and an extra powerful source of inspiration and new ideas for all of us.”

When we are all looking for ways to connect, Epic Adventures Indoors offers that opportunity. Together, we can experience the same awe and adventure, even though we need to be apart. 

These films are something that friendship groups and people in line at the grocery store will be talking about all February…so, fluff up your couch cushions and grab your snack of choice because Epic Adventure Indoors are waiting for you!

Get involved. Get inspired. Get your tickets.

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Epic Adventures Video by Trixie Pacis. Song: “Retreat” by Gold Coast via Soundstripe

Banner Image: Charger 2, a film by Anthony Bonetto, Mike Douglas, Mike Gamble and Switchback Entertainment