Will you help us take kids outside?

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Few things make me happier than when I see a child exploring the outdoors.

It’s natural for kids to be outside, learning. But today children are spending less and less time outside, and more and more time in front of screens, playing video games and staring at smartphones. Will you help us take kids outside?

Our Education in the Wild field trips bring kids outside of the classroom to learn about nature in nature. But right now, teachers are requesting field trips for this school year, and we just don’t have enough funds to make sure every child gets outside. 

You can help us take kids outside to learn from nature. A tax-deductible donation of:

  • $40 will give an outdoor learning experience to two children, taking them out of the classroom and into nature;
  • $150 allows half a class of our littlest learners to experience the magic of winter—How do animals survive? What are the properties of snow? And more;
  • $500 brings an entire class on a field trip to their local grassland, wetland or forest for hands-on learning; and
  • $1,000 helps a classroom to learn about nature through the seasons—from fall to spring—with adventures outside throughout the school year.

You can help kids from kindergarten to grade seven experience nature hands-on. Your donation will help make sure kids have the opportunity to learn about a wild place near their homes, maybe for the first time. 

When children experience and learn about nature outside, they form deep connections to it, connections that follow them into adulthood. Research confirms that repeated experiences in the outdoors fosters a kinship with nature that evolves into a lifelong stewardship of our natural environment. Will you help us to inspire the leaders of tomorrow?

As a society, we face big challenges. In light of the climate crisis and so much more, we have to equip our youth with an understanding—and love—for the natural world. 

One of the greatest pleasures of my job is to awaken children’s imagination in the natural world, to help them create a deep connection with their own wild backyards—to their home. Please help us take children outside into nature. 

We are deeply grateful for any support to help connect kids to wildlife, water and wild spaces. A gift today makes an enormous difference for local youth and our future!

Donate today.