Help take kids outside

Did you roam free in the woods behind your house as a kid? Was there a moment you felt connected and at peace in the natural world? 

I’m writing today because we need your help. Kids are spending more and more time staring at screens and aren’t spending enough time outside in nature. With your help, we can change that. Will you help us take kids outside?

You and I both know that education is the key to real change. The incredible children in your life will inherit this planet. Our Education in the Wild field trips take kids outside into nature and help create a sense of connection, a sense of place. 

Last year, we didn’t have enough funds to meet the demand—we had to turn away classes all over the Kootenays. Teachers are requesting field trips for the school year and we just don’t have enough funds to take all those students outside. If we don’t have enough money by October 20th, we will have to turn classes away

Will you give $40 to get two kids outside? To make sure their ears hum with bird songs, their feet get mucky and their hearts a little fuller. Your generous donation today will make sure that kids in your community have the opportunity to head outside and explore a wild ecosystem near their homes, maybe for the first time.

If you can, please consider a monthly donation that will help us take kids outside all year round.

Thank you for helping us get kids outside. Our kids are our future—your gift makes an enormous difference. 


Monica Nissen
Wildsight Education Manager


P.s. Please help us make sure we don’t have to turn anyone away! For only $40, you can get two kids outside for a full-day ecosystem field trip.