Speak up: BC must act today to give mountain caribou a tomorrow

The devastating losses of mountain caribou over the past year in the South Purcells and South Selkirks highlight the total failure of British Columbia’s caribou recovery efforts. Despite the obvious urgency, the BC Government’s new proposed Caribou Recovery Program is only a statement of high-level principles and a plan to make a plan—with no real action on the horizon. It’s been more than a decade since the original provincial caribou recovery plan—the time for reports and planning processes is long past. We need action today if we want mountain caribou to have a tomorrow.

The Provincial Caribou Recovery Program Discussion Paper is open for public comment until June 15th. Please write a message to let our government know that we need a real plan with herd recovery targets tied to real, funded action plans. Let them know that we need to put a stop to caribou habitat destruction and that both industry and government need to invest in habitat restoration. Let them know that we just can’t wait for further study.

Send your message for mountain caribou!

Photo by Steve Forrest, header photo by David Moskowitz