To Recycling… And Beyond!

Beyond Recycling, our solutions-focused education program for intermediate students, is a 24-week journey through sustainability, energy, waste, food, water, and climate change. The goal of the program is to inspire and empower youth to take a leadership role in making positive environmental changes in their homes, schools and communities. And that’s exactly what has been happening!

Last school year saw our team of twelve Beyond Recycling educators reaching 472 students in 18 classrooms (and this year, we have our first class in French). With the support of their teachers and families, students completed 3791 EcoChallenge projects to reduce their ecological footprint in water, waste, food, and energy.

Having recently received three years of funding from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada to revise and update the program, with a focus on moving the hands-on EcoChallenges to an online format, now seems like a perfect time to have a look at some of the amazing things going on over on the Beyond Recycling blog.

Things like these:

To misquote the great astronaut Buzz Lightyear once more:

“Because of YOU (students, teachers, educators), the entire universe is in (less) jeopardy!”

Well, said Buzz. And well done everyone making Beyond Recycling such an exciting success!

Wildsight gratefully recognizes the support of: Columbia Basin Trust / NSERC / BC Gaming Commission / Regional District of Central Kootenay / Columbia Shuswap Regional District / TD Friends of the Environment for the Beyond Recycling Program.