Know Your Neighbour: Alexis Krueger


What do you enjoy about life in the valley?

I feel very fortunate to be living in the Columbia Valley and appreciate the lifestyle that the local environment affords. Having such a diverse “backyard” that supports so many recreational activities is something I try to take advantage of everyday. However, it’s not only the natural places and the recreation that make this such a great place to live; it’s also the people and the community that they create and support.

What are some outdoor activities you do to connect with nature? 

I enjoy hiking with my dog, Finn, cross country skiing, paragliding, camping, paddling – anything where I can feel the sun or breeze on my skin, fresh air in my lungs and be surrounded by the vibrancy of life that is all around us.

How are you involved with Wildsight? 

With my passion and love of the outdoors comes a desire to educate and protect. I support the work that Wildsight does and the culture that they are creating. Wildsight’s determination and commitment to our natural places, green environment, and cultivating generations to protect and support those initiatives in the future is something we all benefit from.


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