Families and Farmers Supported through Healthy Eating

Wildsight Kimberley/Cranbrook is pleased to announce that this Farmers’ Market season we have been granted the opportunity to participate in the BC Association of Farmers’ Markets’ “Farmers’ Market Nutrition Coupon Program”.  This program, which is funded by the Association in partnership with the Ministry of Health, was created in 2012 as a healthy eating initiative, wherein lower-income expectant mothers, families with children under 18, as well as seniors are given access to fresh, nutritious food items from their local farmers’ markets.

What We Will Do – In years past and continuing into this coming season, Cranbrook’s Bellies to Babies has run the Nutrition Coupon Program in partnership with various community groups and has been able to support over 60 families.  In collaboration with Bellies to Babies, Wildsight Kimberley/Cranbrook will support 15 Kimberley families for a period of 16 weeks. Every week each family will receive $15 worth of coupons to be used for purchasing fresh fruit and vegetables, herbs, eggs, dairy, nuts, meat and fish from our local Farmers’ Market. Not only are families able to access healthier food options whilst being encouraged to participate in a community event but also our farmers are supported in their hard work.

As a requirement of the program, we are asked as a community partner to provide food literacy activities for our participants.  Education is an important part of Wildsight’s mission and so this is an exciting opportunity for us to share our love and passion for wholesome food and sustainable lifestyle choices with an even greater audience.  Utilising resources already in place, we intend to provide opportunities for engagement in our community’s Open Gate Garden on Rotary Drive.  Furthermore, we will provide and connect participants with weekly, seasonally appropriate recipes as well as cooking skills classes and special events as are available.

What You Can Do – A community exists because of the individuals that make up its parts. Each of us finds ourselves in this moment because of a dynamically unique set of circumstances. Unless we are in positions of social service, we are often unaware of the needs of the people within our community. Who we are and what we can offer to those around us depend on our individual efforts as well as the capacity with which our neighbours will receive us. Support the efforts at work in your community that inspire the good in others. Whether it be participating in the Farmers’ Market, planting a seed in your community garden or lending a helping hand to a neighbour, the scope of your good will may be farther reaching than at first imagined.

Written by: Kristine Solum, Food Sustainability Project Assistant